The Medicine Cabinet


Our Challenge:

The Science Museum of Western Virginia in Roanoke, Virginia had a vision for an interactive kiosk application to educate visitors about the potential dangers of drug interactions – including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and herbal remedies – and promote messages on the safe use of medications.  

Our Solution:

Using a discovery-based learning approach, we designed a custom interactive kiosk application called “The Medicine Cabinet.”  Built into a real bathroom vanity, the 42 inch touch screen exhibit resembles a real medicine cabinet, complete with a sliding “foggy mirror” that invites passersby to “touch the mirror to begin.”  Upon starting the application, the visitor is invited to select two medicine bottles from the cabinet to learn more about the drugs, the conditions they are used to treat, and potential interactions between them.  Drugs for the exhibit were carefully selected from a list of commonly used prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and herbal remedies that many visitors will be familiar with or may be taking themselves.  For each possible drug combination, color-coded labels are used to classify the interaction as minor, moderate, or major (potentially life threatening).  After learning about each drug combination, visitors are reminded to talk to their doctor about all medications they use; to take all medications as prescribed; and to speak with their doctor or pharmacist about any questions they have.




Science Museum of Western Virginia