Dolphin Stories


Our Challenge:

In partnership with the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program (SDRP), the South Florida Museum in Bradenton, Florida needed a quick-turnaround, affordable kiosk solution to showcase videos and supporting content on dolphin research and conservation.  The goals of the project were to educate museum visitors on the mission and important research work being done by the SDRP, and to provide information on steps the general public can take to help keep wild dolphins safe.

Our Solution:

The “Dolphin Stories” kiosk exhibit, developed using our ThinkTouch platform, showcases seven video stories that educate visitors on the life cycle, characteristics, and behavior patterns of the bottlenose dolphin.  Each “dolphin story” features an SDRP research scientist that chronicles the life of a real dolphin (and research subject) to illustrate some of the man-made dangers that threaten the dolphin population.  Each story also promotes simple strategies the general public can take – including taking care when fishing or boating near dolphins, keeping trash out of our waterways, staying a safe distance from dolphins, and refraining from feeding dolphins – to help protect this beautiful species.  The museum hopes to utilize the ThinkTouch application again in the future to expand its technology-enhanced exhibit offerings in and around the museum.




South Florida Museum