Flight Talk


Our Challenge:

Design an interactive touch screen museum exhibit for the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke.  

Our Solution:

The exhibit was unveiled to the public as part of the museum's new "Wings Over Virginia" Aviation Gallery. Titled "Flight Talk," the exhibit features three touch-screen computers that present documentary-style video and audio oral histories from pilots and other aviation personnel from the region, including pilots Bill Overstreet, Frank McFadden, Joe Johnson, Chauncey Spencer, and army flight nurse Evelyn Kowalchuk. IDD developed the software that runs the exhibit and worked with Lynchburg-based Thayer Design, Inc. to design and build the booths that house the exhibit.  The software uses an interactive graphical timeline to present the oral history "stories" in chronological order.  It is built on a flexible model with easy-to-use content editors that will allow the museum to add new stories to the exhibit over time.  It is the museum's first-ever interactive touch screen exhibit, and they hope to eventually develop similar oral history exhibits for their rail and automobile galleries. In a Roanoke Times article about the Wings Over Virginia gallery opening, reporter Mike Allen called the new exhibit the "piece de resistance" of the new gallery. 




Virginia Museum of Transportation