Hokie Hoops


Our Challenge:

The Virginia Tech Men's and Women's Basketball Team works year-round to maintain their status as an excellent choice for student athletes across the country. They needed a tool that could showcase the student athlete experience from within the university all the way to the family living rooms of potential players. 

Our Solution:

We created Hokie Hoops, an interactive touch screen kiosk installed in the Hahn Hurst Practice Center at Virginia Tech. The touch screen kiosk joins the vast array of basketball memorabilia already in the space, but adds an extra layer of visitor engagement by showcasing the players, coaches, and facility history in an interactive, media-rich, large-screen format. Another goal of the software application is to be a portable recruiting tool. The 55” monitor projects the application and is operated by a wall-mounted tablet. The basketball coaches can take the tablet with them on recruiting trips and present to families a basketball club that honors their players and the institution.




Virginia Tech Athletics